Gallery of Shops parking lot entrance off Church St in downtown Adrian MI
Where do I park at the Gallery of Shops?

The main entrance is on East Maumee Street in Adrian, MI, where limited curbside parking is available. The rear entrance is off of Church Street, where a well-lit city lot has ample parking with designated handicap spaces available. Parking spaces are free. 

Is the Gallery of Shops handicap accessible?
The main entrances to of the Gallery of Shops are both at street level, making for easy access for wheelchairs and walkers. The East Maumee Street entrance has two sets of double-doors to enter into the main shop hallway, while the rear entrance off of Church Street has one double-door entryway. There is also a side entrance with one small step up from the parking area.
What are the hours for Gallery of Shops?
Due to the diverse nature of our business tenants, individual stores inside the Gallery of Shops set their own operating hours. However, the main building is typically open Monday through Friday during regular daytime hours and for a limited time on Saturdays.
Are there public restrooms?
Restrooms for customers of the Gallery of Shops are located in one of the side corridors near the Church Street (south) entrance.
Is there an ATM on location?
Yes, there is an ATM for the Gallery of Shops customers. There are also two vending machines that are stocked with popular snack items and beverages.
Are pets allowed in the Gallery of Shops?
At this time, pets are not allowed unless they are service animals to assist our customers or business owners.
Whom do I contact about a suggestion or complaint?
Please use the Contact Us form on this website